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{09/27/2010}   Frugal Fashionista Pot Luck September Clothing Swap – Amazing Turnout!

Here we are again – just finished hosting yet another grand clothing swap! Each swap we hold seems to get a little better each time! We not only had tons of great free clothing, shoes and accessories to swap, but had free spa treats available for our fashionistas! We also had several local music artists come play music for us. Great talents came from all over the Metro D.C. / Greater Washington area …

Some of the entertainers were Flipnyce at , Veiga Entertainment at, who also provided us with Gotdro entertainment as well as several other artists like Kle’ and a few others.

We’re proud to say that we are the LARGEST clothing swap in the Metro D.C. area with nearly 500 swappers!

Between the potluck event, the glam opportunities and the entertainment this is truly been the best swap around.

Holding them as often as every six weeks allows for more swappers to participate, gives local talents the opportunity to perform and get their names out and of course have unbelievable amounts of clothing left over for the domestic violence shelters! What’s better than that?

Come visit our group to sign up for future clothing swap events at

You’ll be so glad you did!

Clothing Swap Fashionista – Kim

Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swappers!

Women Swapping Clothes for the Greater Good!


74 Fashionistas showed to trade their old wardrobe for new clothing!

Lisa says:

Awesome event as usual! This is my 4th swap and I’m thrilled to announce that I found tons of great near new items! If you are anywhere near D.C. This is a not to miss event!

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