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I have some pretty exciting news for you ladies!!! 

During my quest for finding raffle prizes to raise money for RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), I came across a wonderful woman named Kei-Hawk Rose, a tea alchemist, who owns a shop called Desert Sage Natural. She blends teas for all sorts of occasions and came up with the idea of a tea blend specifically blended for victims of domestic abuse!

She has been working on it for months and today I received the first package of what she calls “I WILL SURVIVE” tea blend. How fitting and appropriate! She sent 40 samples in sweet little tins and a larger canister to be used as a raffle prize! What’s even better is that a portion of the sales from THIS particular tea will be donated DIRECTLY to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)!!!

How great is that?!?!?!?!

So, come to the April 26th clothing swap to be there for the “launch” of this special tea blend for survivors~ She will be launching the tea online at her shop so that it corresponds to our launch date at the clothing swap!

Thank you so much Kei-Hawk Rose! This is really an amazing thing to be a part of!

Check out all of her tea creations at the sites listed below:)


The Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap is taking on a new endeavor by partnering with All Media Linked, Inc. to support our local veteran community through this awesome veterans outreach program! Being a veteran myself, I am proud to work with All Media Linked on this project, working for my brothers and sisters in arms. We will still hold our monthly swaps that benefit domestic violence shelters and RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). The We Heart Vets program will be in addition to our regular clothing swaps!

We Heart Vets is an immense demonstration of Love, Celebrating Veterans the last Saturday in each month w/ Feast, Festival & Opportunities! Help us continue an elaborate show of support to Veterans with your contribution of revenue, gifts, opportunities, goods & services.

We Heart Vets is an outreach program that provides support, educational services, and career services to Veterans and their familie

s. For the majority of the veteran population, the effect of active military service can be profound and long-lasting. So much so, many veterans have found it difficult to adjust to “normal life” again. There are veterans whose resources have become inadequate and insufficient to simply meet basic needs. There are also others who are abandoned and unrecognized by their family members and those who can receive life changing benefits from training, certification & career resources. Not to mention the benefits of encouragement, motivation & optimism!

It is in these cases that a hand from organizations, community groups, personalities and individuals will cause our service men and women to thrive. The veterans need and deserve all the support they can garner. After all, they 
have contributed much to the establishment of a safe, stable USA. 

The We Heart Vets program and event partners provide the following resources for veterans and their families: 

• Workforce development training 
• Referrals to organizations that provide services 
• Employment opportunities 
• Goods, Services, Product & Entertainment to enhance the monthly events.

We Heart Vets is a program created by Global Community Enrichment Foundation, Inc., and its media partner, All Media Linked, Inc., a multimedia, event/direct Marketing Network, and Communications vehicle which provides brand declaration, strategic planning, trending and development for your business, organization, brand, product and/or service.Image


Visit us at to learn more!





The Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap™ has found a new location in alexandria to hold the monthly clothing swaps. thanks to our wonderful dj kat of “the express dj’s” we have secured a 4000 square foot space that has mirrors along one whole wall! I checked out the space yesterday and since it was so fabulous and right on the transit line, i booked dates for May 24th (plus size swap) and june 28th (all size swap)

ADDRESS OF NEW LOCATION STARTING IN MAY: Lincolnia Senior Center – 4710 North Chambliss Street, Alexandria, VA 22152

Please go to to get directions. I do NOT know what bus /train you should take so you MUST go to above website to plan your route.

Guests are to check in with their clothing at 12:30, pay their $7 donation (or show proof that you pre-paid $5 at paypal – make payment to

There will be no “waiting line” as we are using a new facility and they have requested that our members wait in the cafeteria down the hall. There are seats outside of the room but you are NOT to wait there. Please go to the cafeteria.

After you drop off your items, you are expected to leave and come back at 2:00. Or you can hang around, maybe shop with the vendors that will be set up (bring some cash- there will be lots to choose from)… and enjoy our DJ Kat who will be entertaining us again! I will open the swap up 5 minutes early to those who volunteered to help set up. Each volunteer can choose 4 items for themselves in the 5 minutes given. There will be a 50/50 raffle to benefit the school’s debate team so please bring a few bucks if you plan on purchasing a ticket or two.

SarahJean is our new volunteer coordinator. Please message her directly on Meetup if you would like to be a volunteer. Spaces for volunteering are limited and each volunteer will be given a badge to identify them so if you are really wanting to volunteer, contact SarahJean soonest to make sure you get a spot.

We are also open to vendors for this swap for the mere price of $50.00 per table plus 1 item to raffle! Tables go fast so if you would like a spot, please contact me early!

If you plan on purchasing anything from any of the vendors listed on the left- please remember to bring cash – – –

DJ KAT will be laying down tunes for our swap so come prepared to dance!

Some money will be recouped for the soda I provide & any supplies I purchase  and the rest will go to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) 

Swap from 2PM – 4PMish – we will pack up earlier than 4 if everyone clears out early. Please come on time;)Clothing drop off from 12:30-1:30 Volunteers – please arrive at 12:15 to set up the tables. Please be prompt as we have less time to set up now.

Make sure clothing is clean, no stains, no holes, rips or tears and no broken buttons or zippers. If you would be PROUD to pass it on to your girlfriends, than you should bring it. Please do not bring undergarments. To avoid having stained and ripped items as some people bring regardless of the rules, we now reserve the right to go through your clothing at the drop off point to ensure your items are decent enough to swap. Please don’t embarress yourselves by bringing undesirable clothing.  We’re looking for clothing from any season for this swap. If you should find something unswappable on any of the tables, please remove it. No one should be disappointed because it’s everyone’s jobs to police the tables for non-wearables;)

If you are bringing guests, please ensure to add them to your RSVP.

Last, but not least, bring your swaptastik attitude and plan to come and have a blast!

Please take pictures of yourselves with your swap finds and post it on meetup and facebook! We’d love to see what you all have found!

Happy Swapping!


PS. Do not volunteer to help in the comments section… Contact SarahJean on Meetup to get on the volunteer list. If you show up to help and you are not on the list, there will NOT be a spot for you. Last swap we had way too many volunteers so this should help streamline things


Our Volunteers from the March Clothing Swap…


Welcome to our raffle prize table! Tickets are just $1 a piece and the prizes are AMAZING thanks to the good people of etsy! They have been very generous this year! Swag bags go first to the volunteers and the then the remaining ones to the first people in the door!










The Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap has been working hard and making changes to better serve the community!

I have been securing sponsorship from businesses and collecting donations for raffle prizes and for items to add to our swag bags!

We have had so many generous people come forth to help us make this the best swap in the DC area, hands down!

We are up to about 1,450 members in our group and have been holding near monthly clothing swaps to support local domestic violence shelters and to raise money for RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). Our next two swaps are this Sunday at the Franconia Governmental Center in Alexandria, VA and on April 26th at the West Springfield High School in Springfield, VA.

We have been supporting domestic violence programs for 5 years and are in the process of adding military families to our swap beneficiaries!

I am in the middle of working out an additional monthly swap for the military community in the DMV area! Working hand in hand with “All Media Linked” to bring the swaps to the military families!  All Media Linked hosts monthly “We Heart Vets” events where veterans can take advanage of free workshops for job seeking, computer training and certifications, mortgage and finance classes as well as customer service training and certification! They have asked me to join them and introduce the swap world to the military community! I am extremely excited to be working for both domestic violence AND the military as both are near and dear to my heart!

Visit All Media Linked at to learn more about what they do for the community!

We have been raising money for RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) by charging a $5.00 entrance fee to the swaps and by holding 50/50 raffles as well as raffling off great prizes that have been donated to our group! Entrance fee is $5.00 in advance (paid through Paypal) or $7 cash at the door on the day of the swaps. We also raise money for RAINN by selling vendor tables when we have events at the West Springfield High School! If you are interested in becoming a vendor at any of our events, please contact me at for more information!

We now have a DJ at our events! Come prepared to dance! Kat, from “the express DJ’s” has been donating her time and talents to all of our swaps and really bringing them to life! If you are looking to hire a DJ in the DMV area, check her out -she’s amazing!

If you are looking to swap out your old duds for new, have a great time and help raise money for our causes, visit our main website at and join our group!

We can also be found on facebook at

and on Pinterest at

I have been posting all of our donations to Pinterest and Facebook so if you’d like to see what we have so far, please go take a look and remember to support the small businesses that have donated to our group! Most of the businesses who are sponsoring us are from They are a wonderful community in their own right and we are so fortunate to be working with them all!

Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap - REVAMPED!

Banner donated by Banner Envy on to the Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap

It’s almost that time again… What time is that you ask? It’s time for the largest, most fashion forward clothing swap in the Metro D.C. are to open it’s doors!

Are you looking to expand your winter wardrobe absolutely free?

Join us for one of our upcoming clothing swaps!

14 November 10 or 9 January 11!

What to do:

First visit our site and sign up as a member – then RSVP for the swap you want to attend.

Next, go through your closets and make a pile of your cast off clothing, shoes and accessories. Ya, know, those items that are still in great shape but for one reason or another, you no longer wear… We’re looking for quality clothing without any tears, stains, missing buttons or broken zippers;)

Bring a potluck dish for entry… No cash, just a dish!

When you arrive, simply lay out your clothing according to the signs on the tables (S, M, L, XL, Plus) and grab something to eat! We will announce when it’s time to swap. Once we do, the floor is yours! Just shop (swap) for free. Take as many items as you’d like home with you! We have 2 dressing rooms staged as well as the bathroom so you can try on the clothing if you like;)

You’ll have the opportunity to visit our spa treat vendors during the swap! Get a makeover, a new hairstyle… have your nails done too! All free of charge! It’s a great chance to get all glammed up at no cost. We do ask though that you tip the ladies you visit. They are volunteering their time and efforts for out cause.

What is our cause? Aside from being a great fashion event, it’s also a philanthropic event! Any remaining clothing are donated to local domestic violence shelters! How great is that? It’s a fun, fashionable and philanthropic way to shop!

Hope to see you all at the swaps!

Kim – Clothing Swap Fashionsita

 Our amazing group has well over 500 members now! Tell your friends and have them join us as the swaps!

Clothing Swappers

Here we are again – just finished hosting yet another grand clothing swap! Each swap we hold seems to get a little better each time! We not only had tons of great free clothing, shoes and accessories to swap, but had free spa treats available for our fashionistas! We also had several local music artists come play music for us. Great talents came from all over the Metro D.C. / Greater Washington area …

Some of the entertainers were Flipnyce at , Veiga Entertainment at, who also provided us with Gotdro entertainment as well as several other artists like Kle’ and a few others.

We’re proud to say that we are the LARGEST clothing swap in the Metro D.C. area with nearly 500 swappers!

Between the potluck event, the glam opportunities and the entertainment this is truly been the best swap around.

Holding them as often as every six weeks allows for more swappers to participate, gives local talents the opportunity to perform and get their names out and of course have unbelievable amounts of clothing left over for the domestic violence shelters! What’s better than that?

Come visit our group to sign up for future clothing swap events at

You’ll be so glad you did!

Clothing Swap Fashionista – Kim

Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swappers!

Women Swapping Clothes for the Greater Good!


74 Fashionistas showed to trade their old wardrobe for new clothing!

Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap held a pot luck clothing swap yesterday, June 27th with an end result of FABULOUS!  62 fashionistas gathered for a great time, swapping their castoffs for new-to-you treasures. The opportunity to Glam yourself up was readily available as the group had a glam team there to provide hair up-dos, manicures and make-overs! It was really a special treat for the ladies! They also shared in a pot luck – everyone brought something yummy to the table!

The Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap is the largest in the Metro D.C. area, promoting Fun Fashion and Philathropy. To review the awesome comments left for this group, you can visit There you can also join the group and rsvp for their upcoming events!


Our Motto – Be Green, Be Glam, Be Charitable!

Welcome to the Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap Blog!  My name is Kim Pratt and I currently live in the Washington D.C. area. I started the Clothing Swap Group on April 2nd, 2009 and have had some pretty great events so far! 
Clothing Swaps have been around for a very long time and they take place all over the world! The concept and practice of swapping goods & clothing rather than buying them certainly didn’t start with this group or with anyone in this country. As a matter of fact, Americans adapted the clothing swap philosophy from what the UK calls “swishing parties”.

We are the LARGEST clothing swap group in the Greater Washington area and with well over 300 members! Our group turns all remaining collected items over to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs. We raise funds as well for the houses that we support! Currently we are supporting The Loudon Abused Women’s Shelter. (LAWS) In the past we have supported The Bethany House of NOVA via monetary donations collected and clothing donations left after our glorious swaps through Josephs Coat.

Our events are GREEN as they help the environment by promoting the “swapping of clothing” and consuming items that are already made rather than buying new clothing and robbing more resources from mother earth! It’s a step towards sustainable living!

Our Events are GLAMOROUS! What a great way to escape from the humdrum of the average day and head out with a few girlfriends to SHOP / SWAP for free while at the same time get pampered by true fashionistas, learn about the newest styles & trends and get opinions from others JUST LIKE YOU on how to make something so-so look FAB! You gain new-to-you fashions and new-to-you friends! It’s really quite an experience!

And last but not least ~ our events are CHARITABLE! They’re a great way to give back to the community! Often in life we lose focus on “COMMUNITY” At one point or another, most of us have been in a bad place and have needed to call upon the community in some way, shape or form… This is an easy and fun way to give back! All of these wonderful items that are left over (and believe me there are so many!) get donated to deserving charities! We choose to support charities that focus on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault ~ Programs like The Loudon Abused Women’s Shelter & Sisters4Sisters – Hosting The Harriet Tubman Foundation, Suit-Up For Success & The LOVE Program (Leave Out Violence Everyday) We’ll support other charities in time and are open to suggestions!

Based on those three things comes our motto:
Be Green – Be Glam – Be Charitable!

Environmentally conscious fashion divas from all over NOVA & Metro D.C. area are gathering for near monthly Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swaps to swap the coolest clothes, shoes, accessories & household goods they no longer want or need! Not only that but we ENCOURAGE YOU TO PARTICIPATE! Want to throw a swap of your own? We’ll help!

How Cool Is That???

Our Free Events include entertainment, pampering & spa treats! Food & Beverages Included with Minimal Paid Entry. (Swap Depending) Sometimes it’s a Pot Luck, Sometimes light refreshments – sometimes an all out PARTY! Just consider it a savvy clothing swap with a twist! Nothing like it in the Greater Washington area~ that’s for sure!

Unlike some clothing swaps, we accept everyone with a heartbeat – we are a very down to earth group of PEOPLE; meaning that we have folks from ALL walks of life here – various backgrounds and lifestyles – women and men from all races and religions, gay and straight, men who even dress as women. Everyone is welcome, without ridicule or discrimination, so if you’re cool with that and can leave your judgment at home bringing only your SWAPTASTIC & PHILANTHROPIC attitude with you – then welcome aboard! If not, there is another smaller clothing swap group not too far from here that may be a better fit for you. All WE care about is swapping clothes and doing a good thing in the process;)

Remaining Items are NOT donated to general places like Goodwill where you don’t actually know where the items wind up; where some items even get sent overseas! WHAT THE BUCKET? Our items are donated DIRECTLY to battered women’s shelters and programs that help women and families get back on their feet after leaving an abusive lifestyle.

So Join us and ‘Get Your Swap On!
Do Something Good…

Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap

et cetera