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Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap held a pot luck clothing swap yesterday, June 27th with an end result of FABULOUS!  62 fashionistas gathered for a great time, swapping their castoffs for new-to-you treasures. The opportunity to Glam yourself up was readily available as the group had a glam team there to provide hair up-dos, manicures and make-overs! It was really a special treat for the ladies! They also shared in a pot luck – everyone brought something yummy to the table!

The Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap is the largest in the Metro D.C. area, promoting Fun Fashion and Philathropy. To review the awesome comments left for this group, you can visit There you can also join the group and rsvp for their upcoming events!


Our Motto – Be Green, Be Glam, Be Charitable!

Welcome to the Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap Blog!  My name is Kim Pratt and I currently live in the Washington D.C. area. I started the Clothing Swap Group on April 2nd, 2009 and have had some pretty great events so far! 
Clothing Swaps have been around for a very long time and they take place all over the world! The concept and practice of swapping goods & clothing rather than buying them certainly didn’t start with this group or with anyone in this country. As a matter of fact, Americans adapted the clothing swap philosophy from what the UK calls “swishing parties”.

We are the LARGEST clothing swap group in the Greater Washington area and with well over 300 members! Our group turns all remaining collected items over to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs. We raise funds as well for the houses that we support! Currently we are supporting The Loudon Abused Women’s Shelter. (LAWS) In the past we have supported The Bethany House of NOVA via monetary donations collected and clothing donations left after our glorious swaps through Josephs Coat.

Our events are GREEN as they help the environment by promoting the “swapping of clothing” and consuming items that are already made rather than buying new clothing and robbing more resources from mother earth! It’s a step towards sustainable living!

Our Events are GLAMOROUS! What a great way to escape from the humdrum of the average day and head out with a few girlfriends to SHOP / SWAP for free while at the same time get pampered by true fashionistas, learn about the newest styles & trends and get opinions from others JUST LIKE YOU on how to make something so-so look FAB! You gain new-to-you fashions and new-to-you friends! It’s really quite an experience!

And last but not least ~ our events are CHARITABLE! They’re a great way to give back to the community! Often in life we lose focus on “COMMUNITY” At one point or another, most of us have been in a bad place and have needed to call upon the community in some way, shape or form… This is an easy and fun way to give back! All of these wonderful items that are left over (and believe me there are so many!) get donated to deserving charities! We choose to support charities that focus on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault ~ Programs like The Loudon Abused Women’s Shelter & Sisters4Sisters – Hosting The Harriet Tubman Foundation, Suit-Up For Success & The LOVE Program (Leave Out Violence Everyday) We’ll support other charities in time and are open to suggestions!

Based on those three things comes our motto:
Be Green – Be Glam – Be Charitable!

Environmentally conscious fashion divas from all over NOVA & Metro D.C. area are gathering for near monthly Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swaps to swap the coolest clothes, shoes, accessories & household goods they no longer want or need! Not only that but we ENCOURAGE YOU TO PARTICIPATE! Want to throw a swap of your own? We’ll help!

How Cool Is That???

Our Free Events include entertainment, pampering & spa treats! Food & Beverages Included with Minimal Paid Entry. (Swap Depending) Sometimes it’s a Pot Luck, Sometimes light refreshments – sometimes an all out PARTY! Just consider it a savvy clothing swap with a twist! Nothing like it in the Greater Washington area~ that’s for sure!

Unlike some clothing swaps, we accept everyone with a heartbeat – we are a very down to earth group of PEOPLE; meaning that we have folks from ALL walks of life here – various backgrounds and lifestyles – women and men from all races and religions, gay and straight, men who even dress as women. Everyone is welcome, without ridicule or discrimination, so if you’re cool with that and can leave your judgment at home bringing only your SWAPTASTIC & PHILANTHROPIC attitude with you – then welcome aboard! If not, there is another smaller clothing swap group not too far from here that may be a better fit for you. All WE care about is swapping clothes and doing a good thing in the process;)

Remaining Items are NOT donated to general places like Goodwill where you don’t actually know where the items wind up; where some items even get sent overseas! WHAT THE BUCKET? Our items are donated DIRECTLY to battered women’s shelters and programs that help women and families get back on their feet after leaving an abusive lifestyle.

So Join us and ‘Get Your Swap On!
Do Something Good…

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