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Thanks to all of my generous and huge hearted frugal fashionistas, my husband and I were able to help about 100 homeless people in DC this morning. It’s all because of YOU that we were able to do our part in our little corner of the world! You are all amazing and I am so proud to be your leader!

We passed out coats,hats, gloves, scarves, bottled water and cigarettes. If you don’t smoke, you won’t get how important this was to them! I purchased a carton of cigarettes and divided them into sandwhich bags with 3 cigarettes in each. I think they were more excited about the cigarettes than anything else! LOL

I had several conversations with some of the folks there and learned some heart breaking stories. I also found out that the homeless shelter they stayed at was more like a prison than a shelter. They are only allowed a certain amount of items so they had to sneak the clothing in under their coats! I was told that the people that run the shelter are very mean and disrespectful towards them -making them feel less than human just because they were homeless! I was appaulled at what I learned. So in the spring and summer they have to get rid of their winter clothes if they want to bring in summer clothes and then the shelter sells them for profit! I am disgusted with their situations. Several of them told me they would rather be outside weathering the cold and wind then be inside with these nazi’s who were running the place. It was trully heartbreaking.

So, this is what I propose. Since there are a lot more men than women there – I am going to ask that for the next two swaps you bring in your regular 5 or more items PLUS any mens clothing you can get your hands on…shorts, jeans, t-shirts, etc. Please rummage through your husband’s closets and bring whatever he does not wear anymore. We’ll do this for the next two swaps so we have plenty of men’s items. Belts, sports jackets, sweatshirts -all good! Instead of taking the next two loads to Mary’s Center I will bring them to the homeless. All left over women’s summer clothes will not go for domestic violence, but to the homeless. I posted some pics from todays event and will post some more later tonight or tomorrow.

Again, I want to thank you all for your support and love! You ladies ROCK!

Kim (Frugal Fashionista)

Dates for the next 2-3 swaps will be posted hopefully this week!

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The Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap once again brings local fashionistas and brand spanking new wardrobes together! We hold our swaps approximately every 6 weeks so that more women can be accommodated. We’re on top of our swaps and make each one more special than the last!

What a great way to start the fall by attending a clotting swap! One gals junk is truly another gals treasure… We’re looking for all the awesome sweaters, jeans boots, accessories, etc., to swap at our upcoming fashion event.

Date: 25 Sep 10
Time: 2-4
Place: Franconia Governmental Center

We’ve got over 400 members in our group now! The more the merrier and the more choices of clothing! Whooo Hooo!

We’ve been adding pot lucks to our swaps so that everyone can share each other’s delicious recipes and it has truly been wonderful! Our glam team never disappoints, offering hair up-do’s, nails, makeovers and even massage! As always, our events are FREE!~ No cover charge like other swaps!

All of our remaining clothing get donated directly to local battered women’s shelters… Can’t think of a more worthy cause! We always have so much that even after all has been picked through, there are plenty left for the shelters.

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